WordPress is open-source web software, meaning it is a collaborative process whereby people from all over the world contribute to the software and make it better. WordPress helps make managing your website as creative, efficient and workable as possible. This is probably a big part of why WordPress is currently the world’s most popular content management system / blog platform.

The collaboration of many means that WordPress is always up to date with current trends and changes.

Some of the reasons why WordPress is the world’s number one CMS

Always Evolving

WordPress is always evolving, getting better, better security, better features, better interface, better speed, etc.

Easy To Use

If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress. Like anything new, it does take some work, but I have found that editing and creating web pages with WordPress is within anyones grasp.

Web Plugins

Installing and adding new features is made possible in many cases with the use of “plugins”. Plugins, just like WordPress, are always evolving. There is pretty much a plugin for everything you can imagine needing to do. Many are free and some and some cost a fee. Plugins allow us take the basic wordpress installation and build on it.

SEO friendly

For a website to be found on the internet, the website has to be built with search engines in mind (eg. google). This is called Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). WordPress is continually evolving to be as search engine friendly as possible. You get cutting edge code and smart design architecture helping search engines clearly see your content and index your site. This leads to better performance in the search engines and more site visitors for your site.

WordPress is as secure as any other CMS out there

Is WordPress secure compared with other Content Management Systems? All signs point to…Yes!

WordPress is Fast

Nobody likes to wait for a page to load. WordPress-powered websites can be very fast. They can also be very slow. A WordPress website built correctly will have no speed issues. With the addition of caching plugins the speed can be lightning fast.